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meltag won the prestigious TiE50 Silicon Valley Start-Up competition

meltag has started his journey with many hurdles and achieved many milestones in short period of time. And now it concentrated on the TiE50 silicon valley start-up competition where around many companies around 2716 top TOP start-ups screened globally. Among all those companies stood his place among TOP 50 startup companies globally and made his mark in the competition. All this happened with all our team efforts and contribution

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Loyalty Program in India

One of the fastest growing names in chocolate sector has achieved 5% increase in sales and 80% reduction in sales promotion costs by using the meltag® for all loyalty solutions. meltag’s Loyalty Program enables you to build loyalty programs in India for the unorganized retailers, and for all types of brand owner to connect directly with your customers and build loyalty programs without any dependency on retailers and which is

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