Always work with an automation partner / platform who can help you understand how your target customers are responding to your campaigns / promotions. As you better understand how your products are bought, you can optimize the content and marketing that you deliver.


To help you choose the right Marketing Automation Software  work through the following questions.


  1. How big is your organization?
  2. What’s your budget and resources?
  3. What aspect of the sales funnel are you trying to improve?
  4. How diverse are your marketing and sales tools?
  5. Does the vendor provide an integrated approach to digital marketing life-cycle management?
  6. Does the vendor have the capability to understand your business needs and your target customer?
  7. Is the vendor willing to engage with you on success-based model, this model of engagement will often reduce the risk for brands and forces vendors to rethink participative marketing strategy and stay away from tactical software sales.
  8. Does the vendor have a efficient online platform which integrates mobile, email and other digital channels of consumer connect and provides deep insights / analytics into consumer engagement and RoI metrics


Focusing on the correct answers to these questions will allow you to choose the right software tailored for your organization.  Not only do you need to map out your current processes before automation, you need to match the Marketing Automation Software with your organization.

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