Modern marketers use marketing and sales promotion automation to create new ways of appealing to customers by tracking and monitoring the progress of a marketing campaign. Automation helps marketers to keep track of customers, right from time customers view a product to the point where they convert and purchase the product. This data provides marketers with information on which marketing campaigns and promotions are the most effective.

 sales promotion and marketing automation

Marketing Automation Software benefits are immense and range from increasing sales efficiency to lowering promotion costs dramatically. The use of marketing automation makes marketing processes that would otherwise have been performed manually much more efficient and makes new processes possible. These business benefits can be maximized by following some best practices and integrating all software features into your marketing strategy.


This article outlines the top 3 best practices to help you reach your marketing goals.


Develop a strong mobile marketing strategy

We all know that mobile is an important medium to reach out to customers, yet many marketers do not how to use mobile as an effective medium in their marketing campaigns. Gartner 2014 marketer’s journal reports that mobile devices will win over all other digital mediums by 2016


Let’s look at some of the key reasons why mobile marketing is critical for brands and marketers


Connect directly to the right target consumers Mobile marketing allows you to reach out accurately to the right set of target consumers, it also allows you to have a direct and highly relevant marketing communication.


Have an effective two way communication with consumers Mobile marketing allows brands to set-up an interactive 2-way communication with consumers, loyal customers can engage with their favorite brands to build sustainable relationships.


Run cost effective sales promotion campaigns Mobile based campaigns have a relatively low Cost-per-impression compared to traditional marketing channels. Promotion/campaign set-up, management and execution costs are also lower as brands can efficiently manage these using online portals and easily integrate into existing CRMs and ERPs.


Generate higher conversation rates Compared to response rates in traditional promotion mechanisms, mobile campaigns get up-to five times more. This will also result in lower investments into expensive traditional print & media channels and often result into considerable cost savings and higher return on investment


Collect relevant and accurate consumer information Mobile marketing is an effective way to acquire and maintain customer profile. A database of mobile number based consumer profiling helps you promote loyalty driven sales, a rich consumer database with buying history and patterns will also help in Increasing sales and loyalty memberships by crafting personalized messages for every segment of audience.


Have a relevant conversation with customers through location-based services By using a customer’s geographic information through location-based services (LBS), it may be possible to have a personalized conversation with customers based on what they are currently doing at the time. This information can be collected through information via broadcast services like Bluetooth, QR codes, or NFC.


Understand your customer – Segmentation, Targeting and Profiling


To deliver the most effective, timely campaigns / promotions you need to understand your customers needs, preferences and purchasing behavior.

Visualize an actual prospect and try to paint a complete picture of their needs, goals, and how your product can assist them.

The more targeted and relevant your marketing campaigns, the more people will engage and respond and the more revenue you will drive.

Effective targeting starts with clean data and the ability to segment based on both who your prospects are and what they do.

Maximizing message relevancy improves lead generation and sales


Choose the right marketing automation solution


Always work with an automation partner / platform who can help you understand how your target customers are responding to your campaigns / promotions. As you better understand how your products are bought, you can optimize the content and marketing that you deliver.


To help you choose the right Marketing Automation Software, work through the following questions.


  1. How big is your organization?
  2. What’s your budget and resources?
  3. What aspect of the sales funnel are you trying to improve?
  4. How diverse are your marketing and sales tools?
  5. Does the vendor provide an integrated approach to digital marketing life-cycle management?
  6. Does the vendor have the capability to understand your business needs and your target customer?
  7. Is the vendor willing to engage with you on success-based model, this model of engagement will often reduce the risk for brands and forces vendors to rethink participative marketing strategy and stay away from tactical software sales.
  8. Does the vendor have a efficient online platform which integrates mobile, email and other digital channels of consumer connect and provides deep insights / analytics into consumer engagement and RoI metrics


Focusing on the correct answers to these questions will allow you to choose the right software tailored for your organization.  Not only do you need to map out your current processes before automation, you need to match the Marketing Automation Software with your organization.

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