Sales promotions are the set of marketing activities undertaken to boost sales on the product or service, where the business growth will be increased eventually with the help of promotion which was implemented

meltag provides various types of sales promotion like:

 1: Brand promotion

2: Retailers Sales Promotion

3: Dealers Sales Promotion

4: Marketing Sales Promotion and more.

The main objective for sales promotion is to reach relevant people in the world and want to make a direct interaction with the consumer to explain about the product in a betters so that the consumer can understand how important it is for their daily need so that he will be interested to purchase the product.


In this process both the brand owners and the consumer are profited because the brand owners are getting lead for their business and parallel they are selling a useful product for the consumer. And also the consumer is also gained by purchasing the valuable thing for his daily need.


We are providing different types of promotion options to increase the bran owner’s sales like:


  1. Coupons
  2. Loyalty Programs
  3. Reward Points
  4. e-Vouchers
  5. Scan & Win
  6. Mobile Coupons
  7. Online Coupon Codes
  8. Instant Win
  9. SMS Win
  10. Whatsapp Win
  11. Facebook Win


So from the above promotion options brand owner can choose their options how they would like to reach people or customer’s to increase their sales promotion.

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